January 14, 2018

Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Vincent - Sequel CG's

(*Note: Special Thanks to Carrie for the CG's!)

Happy End #1
Happy End #2
Happy End #3
Happy End #4

[Walkthrough] Shall we date?: Wizardess Heart + Vincent Knight - Sequel

(*Note: Special Thanks to Carrie for this Walkthrough!)


Chapter 1

1.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 3x CG's

1.0? Okay. (Intimacy +7)
I don't need practice.

1.0? I guess you are right. (Intimacy +7)
No, it wasn't.

1.0? ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Colorful Bouquet [Room]: 50 Coins / 500 Lune

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 2: Touch the Sky

2.0? That's a good idea. (Intimacy +7)
I think I will stick with the cute one.

2.0? ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 2,500 Magic Grade Points

2.0? Fine.
No way! (Intimacy +7)

2.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 2x CG's

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 3: Summer, Beach Time, Urgent Mission

3.0? Yeah... (Intimacy +7)

3.0? ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Pink Diamond Tiara [Room]: 250 Coins
Rose Crown [Room]: 50 Coins / 500 Lune

3.0? Go (Intimacy +7)
Don't go

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 4: Rules to be a Bride

4.? Forget it.
I'm sorry, too. (Intimacy +7)

4.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 3x CG's

4.? I can't do that. (Intimacy +7)
I want to quit.

4.?  ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 5,500 Magic Grade Points

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 5: Hot Alert on the Beach

5.? Apologize (Intimacy +7)
Make an excuse

5.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 2x CG's

5.? That's not true!
It's true. (Intimacy +7)

5.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get a CG

5.? ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Rosette Flower BridalHairstyle [Room]: 400 Coins
Wavy Bridal Pigtails [Room]: 100 Coins/ 3,000 Lune

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 6: Tracing the Scars

6.? ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 10,000 Magic Grade Points

6.? Don't be glad (Intimacy +7)
Thank you .

6.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 2x CG's

6.? You're right.
Stupid. (Intimacy +7)

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 7: Tears of the Doll

7.? ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 13,000 Magic Grade Points

7.? I'm so glad!
Don't push yourself. (Intimacy +7)

7.? I'm going with you.
I'll stay here. (Intimacy +7)

7.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 3x CG's

7.? ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Ocean View Wedding Aisle [Garden]: 800 Coins
Pure White Wedding Site Background [Garden]: 400 Coins / 8,000 Lune

[Get a Journal]

Chapter 8: Wedding Dress and Future

8.? ~Magic Challenge: Magic Grade~
Need 17,000 Magic Grade Points

8.? I did?
I'm nothing like that. (Intimacy +7)

8.? No.
Okay. (Intimacy +7)

8.? ~Magic Challenge: Avatar Mission~
Premium: Embroidered Rosy Wedding Dress [Room]: 1,000 Coins
Short Wedding Dress [Room]: 500 Coins / 10,000 Lune

[Get a Journal]


1. Unhappy Ending  = Default Ending 500 Coins

2. Normal Ending? Picture's 1,500 Coins

3. Happy Ending = ? Picture's 2,000 Coins

4. ALL Endings =?

Chapter 9: A Kiss of Vow and Blessing

9.? Special Vincent Scenario
Get 4x CG's

January 11, 2018

[Walkthough] When Destiny Comes Knocking - Nozomu Kaneko

(*Note: Special Thanks to Aiko for sending me this Walkthrough!)

Main Story

Episode 1
Blush despite yourself.

Episode 2
Stop it...
Are you okay, Nozomu?

Episode 3
I don't agree.
You've got it all wrong.

Episode 4
Don't hold his hand.

Episode 5
With a boyfriend.

Episode 6

Episode 7
Give it to Nozomu.

Episode 8
Choose neither.

Episode 9
Let Guji take care of them.

Episode 10
Aren't you frustrated?

Episode 11
It's not the best time...
Turn him down.

Episode 12
I wanted to make myself useful.

Super Happy End