25 August 2016

Sakura Amidst Chaos - Main Page

In a time of war...
The strongest warriors appear to bring peace to the land...
And you meet the man of your destiny.
Romance blossoms as you spend your days among the samurai...
“I’ll make you the happiest woman in the land.”
Your love with the hero deepens as you risk your life and overcome the odds,
and he only reveals his true self to you.

“No matter what anyone says, I want to be like this with you...”

A love story that changes history begins now!


(All Characters, Stories and Pictures belong to © Voltage Inc.)

Sakura Amidst Chaos - Opening Movie [Voltage] on YouTube from VoltageOfficialPV

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(*Note: Due to the new Voltage Inc "guideline", I won't post any Voltage Inc CG's anymore. I don't want my Blog to be shut down, so I'll refrain from posting them anywhere, until I get the official OK from the company itself. I'm very sorry for those who were looking forward to see the CG's of this game, but I rely on your understanding for my situation. 
Thank you and keep having fun with the game! -Dawn-)


If you encounter a problem:
- If you play on android, please send an e-mail to: tenka_en_ggl@inq.voltage.co.jp
- If you play on iOS, fill in the Inquiry Form on THIS page.

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Sakura Amidst Chaos - Talk Post

Hello everyone!

On this page you can add your own thoughts and opinion to the game.You can write which story you liked the best, what you think about the art style, the story in general and what you're most looking forward in this game.


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Sakura Amidst Chaos - About the Clans

[Walkthrough] Sakura Amidst Chaos - Saizo Kirigakure

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for this Walkthrough!)

Budding Hearts

Episode 1
I can walk!
Ask about Yukimura

Episode 2
Try to go with him
I’m happy to go.

Episode 3
I don't.
Get out first

Episode 4
Stop him

Episode 5
I refuse
Worry about Saizo

Episode 6
I don't.
I won't use it.

Episode 7
That's not true!
Have it

Episode 8
Saizo, no!
We can't run.

Episode 9
Think of something
Stand in front of Saizo

Happy End

[Walkthrough] Sakura Amidst Chaos - Mitsunari Ishida

(*Note: Special Thanks to Samoaya for this Walkthrough!)

Budding Hearts

Episode 1
I definitely want to!
Don't be silly.

Episode 2
Say something
Reproach Lord Kiyomasa

Episode 3
Say something
I'll be alright...

Episode 4
I’ll be alright.

Episode 5
It's not your fault

Episode 6
I’ll be alright.
Is it Hideyoshi?

Episode 7
You can do it
Think on it

Episode 8
Consult with Hideyoshi
Hold out a hand

Episode 9
Be honest
You know I can't.

Happy End